Mysteries of Canyon Rims

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The high plateau of BLM land above the canyons of the Needles District, between Highway 191 and the Colorado River is now called

Rain and the RedrockRain and the RedrockRain storm coming over the red-rock formations in Canyon Rims, Utah

Canyon Rims. I've loved to travel and camp in this area, mostly because of its relative remoteness and lack of rules and use. It has no famous landmarks or popular trails, but posses its own charm and treasures. The area called Hatch Point has been a favorite, there are caves and canyons to explore, and little in the way of tourists or paved roads, but the place has a magic all its own.

Maybe it's just my over active imagination, but there are mysteries on this plateau that have captured my interest over the years. Like the mysterious face of Jesus on the metal trim in the Hatch Point Campground Rest Room:

Jesus in the Rest RoomJesus in the Rest Room

Or the figure of Him in sandstone, looming up at the end of a small slot canyon:

Jesus in the CanyonJesus in the Canyon


This past Halloween, with a bright moon above, the face of a man appeared in the bark of a dead juniper tree, perhaps he longed for someone to free him from his woody prison?

Man in the TreeMan in the Tree

The day before, I noticed how the small cave like features above the Trough Springs Trail looked much like a giant pumpkin face, complete with an orange tint:

Pumpkin Head CliffsPumpkin Head Cliffs The many open faced caves in the area have their own appeal. The largest, the one I call Columbine Cave for it's many pale white flowers in spring, is particularly winsome at night under the glow of a full moon, with a few added lights for good measure:

Night in Columbine CaveNight in Columbine Cave

The smaller cave nearby, dubbed the Sorcerer's Cave, has been known to exhibit various flickering figures, they were kind enough to allow me to take a few photos before I left in some haste:

Dos BrujosDos Brujos Cave MagicCave Magic



















If you travel to the area, be sure to visit the Anticline and Needles Overlooks, and if you stay after dark, well, keep a good  lookout, and have your camera ready.

Mysteries Around the Camp FireMysteries Around the Camp Fire


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