Wyoming Night Sky

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Lake Owen, Wyoming turned out to be a wonderful spot to try out a new low light lens for star photos. The campground still shows the effects of logging to clear the beetle killed pines, but is relatively uncrowded, and the night skies can't be beat. Hardly any noticeable city air glow, and at over 9,000 feet, the air is crisp and thin.

Bowing to the StarsBowing to the StarsAspen trees beneath the Milky Way on a clear Wyoming night

I spent a few nights here in August, riding the Medicine Bow Rail Trail on my bike during the day, and shooting the stars at night. While there are no grand peaks or cliffs in the area, it's a good place to get away, relax, and look up.


Active NightActive NightSatellite, lightning flash and camp fire glow over Lake Owen Campground, Wyoming

In the above shot, there's a satellite, a lightning flash, campfire glow, and the Milky Way, all in one lucky exposure.


Under the Stars and CloudsUnder the Stars and CloudsCamper under the Milky Way as a lightning storm fast approaches

In this one, a fast approaching storm casts a lightning glow towards the camper, sitting under the Galaxy.


Storm Over the WaterStorm Over the WaterThunder storm approaching Lake Owen, Wyoming In this one, there's a storm approaching over Lake Owen, there was consistent lightning every ten seconds or so.


Hail to the Night SkyHail to the Night SkyStar Trails above Lake Owen, Wyoming Here we have a composite, star trails over the lake with a ghost image hailing the heavens. Thanks for looking, and here's a couple of links about the area:

Medicine Bow Rail Trail

Lake Owen


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