Joe Fleshuts Cabin

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A small cabin sits near the parking for the Historic Holzwarth Site in Rocky Mountain National Park. The cabin was built by Joseph Fleshuts in 1902. For some unknown reason he abandoned the 160-acre homestead around 1911-1918, and was never heard from again. Did he just get old and tired of the long cold winters? Or did he feel crowded by the plans to build a dude ranch and trout lodge nearby? No one seems to know, but if you visit the old cabin late on a clear night, you might catch a glimpse of Joe, working on his land.

Joe's GhostJoe's Ghost



View from the parking lot of the moon setting over the Never Summer Mountains


Constellation Orion over Joe's cabin


Joe's Cabin 2Joe's Cabin 2 I placed 3 different flashlights around the cabin to give it this look.


Joe Fleshuts CabinJoe Fleshuts Cabin Joe's Cabin in daylight, late January


For more information of Joe's Cabin, and the Holzwarth Historic Site, try these links:


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