Moon Night on Vista Ridge

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Downhill ski areas take on a magical feel after hours on a moonlit night, the crowds gone, the runs deserted. I recently skied up to the top of Ski Granby Ranch, Colorado after dark one night in February, a half-moon lighting the snow. The well groomed back country trail was smooth and easy, and I made it to the top of the East Mountain in good time, the view from Vista Ridge unfolding in the moonlight.

Vista Ridge ViewVista Ridge ViewView towards the Fraser Valley, Colorado, from the top of Vista Ridge, Granby Ranch


I skied over to the top of the Quickdraw Express Lift, and it looked like a spaceship all aglow in the moonlight.

The Ship has landedThe Ship has landedTop of the Quickdraw Express Lift, Ski Granby Ranch

Earth Base OneEarth Base OneTop of the Quickdraw Express Lift, Ski Granby Ranch


The view down the ski runs towards the town of Granby was fantastic, the little town lit up in the valley below.

Granby LightsGranby LightsLights of Granby and Granby Ranch from top of the Quickdraw Express Lift


I cruised back over the to the view overlooking the Fraser Valley, and couldn't help but take a selfie of the gorgeous scene.


I took a break for a late lunch on one of the picnic tables overlooking the valley,

enjoying the hot tea while immersed in the stillness.

Peaceful NightPeaceful NightMoonlit View of the Fraser Valley from Ski Granby Ranch


As I began the journey back down the mountain, the scene along the path became ever more beautiful, I took a few shots to remind me of the strange enchantment the moonlight brings to everyday scenes.

Soft Night on Winter's RoadSoft Night on Winter's RoadTop of Vista Ridge, Ski Granby Ranch, Colorado

Hope ya'll enjoy the photos, and thanks for looking.

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