Watanga and Gourd Lakes

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Two of my favorite alpine lakes, Watanga and Gourd, are close by, the trail heads being only a few miles away. These photos are from recent backpacking trips to the lakes and their surrounding areas, which are located in the west side of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, accessed from near Granby, Colorado.

Gourd Lake and Thunderbolt PeakGourd Lake and Thunderbolt PeakGourd Lake and Thunderbolt Peak, in the Indian Peak Wilderness, Colorado


Watanga is relatively easy, only a 4 and a half mile hike.


Watanga LakeWatanga LakeIndian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado


Gourd Lake is a bit tougher, at 7 and a half miles one way.


Gourd LakeGourd Lake


Gourd Lake SunsetGourd Lake Sunsetlooking out towards the Fraser Valley, Colorado
from above Gourd Lake.


Both areas have many small tarns, or alpine ponds, nearby, perfect reflectors of the scenery.

Fairy TarnFairy TarnReflecting Pool in the High Country, near Watanga Lake, Colorado


Dawn Reflection - Cooper PeakDawn Reflection - Cooper PeakSunrise reflected in a tundra tarn below Cooper Peak in the Indian Peak Wilderness, Colorado


The tundra was lush and spongy this year, thanks to ample snow and rains in the early summer.

Paintbrush in the MeadowPaintbrush in the MeadowIndian Paintbrush blooming in a meadow above Watanga Lake


Study In BlueStudy In BlueLooking out over Little Island Lake at sunrise in the Indian Peaks Wilderness


Watanga CascadesWatanga Cascadesanother view of the cascades in Watanga Creek,
from near the trail just before you top out at Watanga Lake
Indian Peaks, Colorado


Thanks for viewing, and hope to see you on the trail someday!

This is the LifeThis is the LifeView from the tent, above Gourd Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado


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