Natural Bridges

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In my youth, I thought Natural Bridges National Monument was boring. No long hiking trails, just three bridges in a small canyon.  Now that I'm older and have the photo bug, it's become one of my favorite spots in Utah's Canyon Country. The bridges are fairly accessible, and the trails have character. And, the bridges are spectacular.

Sipapu BridgeSipapu Bridge


The Monument is near Blanding, Utah, in a somewhat remote location just south of the new Bears Ears Monument. To me its remoteness is part of its charm, few tourists and a better chance of getting a spot in the small campground.



The three bridges, Sipapu, Kachina, and Owachomo, are reached from the Monument's Scenic Drive, and while the hiking trails are steep, they are short, about a half-mile average. A trail in the canyon bottom allows one to walk from one to the other without coming back up, but it is a 10 mile loop to visit all three in one hike.

The first, Sipapu, is the biggest in height, and in my opinion has the most interesting trail.


Sipapu WindowSipapu Window


The next one is Kachina, the youngest and broadest. The hike down to this one is also a trip, with ladders to climb and interesting stone work. There is also an old native ruin nearby if you look around near the base of the bridge.


Kachina Bridge GlowKachina Bridge Glow


Owachomo is the oldest and thinnest, a ribbon of rock, and is by far the easiest to access. Just a short hike gets you under its thin span. This ease of access makes it my favorite to visit after dark.


Owachomo in Night LightOwachomo in Night LightOwachomo Bridge in LED, stars trails in the background


Owachomo Bridge in DaylightOwachomo Bridge in Daylight


If you're planning on visiting the Utah desert country, consider making a trip to Natural Bridges. Here's a link to the Monuments web site:

Natural Bridges National Monument


Ladder on Kachina TrailLadder on Kachina Trail Kachina BridgeKachina Bridge









Owachomo and North Star TrailsOwachomo and North Star Trails


Owachomo in MoonriseOwachomo in Moonrise


Sipapu ViewSipapu View


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