New Book by Nostalgiawest photographer Bob Fergeson:

Dark Zen- A Guru on the Bayou

Dark ZenDark Zen

Ever wondered about the connection between Zen and self-knowledge? If you have even a glimmer of interest in these matters, this book can open a new dimension for you. This much prized knowledge is delivered via the friendship that develops between a lost young man and a Zen master.



Nostalgiawest photographer Bob Fergeson has just released a new book, set in the swamps of Louisiana. Bob couches Zen lessons and a methodology for spiritual development into a simple story that allows the teachings to shine through. This book has something to offer the complete beginner and the more seasoned seeker - simple explanations of profound truths.


The book is available on amazon, in both print and Kindle editions. The Kindle version has full color photos seen below taken by the author in southern Louisiana.



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The TAT Foundation is pleased to announce a second edition of Images of Essence is now available in a new, more affordable paperback version. This beautiful book of poetry and photographs has been likened to "Rumi with a Nikon," and the authors' creative wanderings touch a deep cord of recognition of the profound in everyday life. Now available for $17.95 on Amazon and for $2.99 in a digital edition for the Kindle.



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Poetry in Motion Films presents

Mountain High: Touching the Void with Bob Fergeson

"When the thought and the mind goes away, all you are left with is the real part of yourself.... In the quiet, there is a sense of eternality and unconditional love.” ~ Bob Fergeson

The sense of eternality marks the work of photographer, mountaineer, and spiritual teacher Bob Fergeson. Set among the Rocky Mountains, Bob's story weaves the passions of the creative life and a love for the outdoors into a compelling narrative of a spiritual search. From his childhood attempts to capture moments of ethereal, quiet beauty with a Brownie box camera, Bob's life careened towards a crushing encounter with alcoholism, then flowered in a time of self exploration through painting, drawing, and dreamwork, led to years of spiritual disciplines, and culminated in a final encounter with Truth that left him weeping on a Colorado mountainside.

Whether you frame your quest as a search for God, truth, enlightenment, awakening, certainty, or an aching longing to fill a void inside, you will find this feature-length documentary is more than just a film, it is a resource that you will mine for inspiration and advice again and again.






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The Listening Attention by Bob Fergeson

The Gateway to Within, available from

published by The TAT Foundation Press













How can we re-connect, open the Gateway to Within, and once more gain the Peace and Understanding of our Inner Self? The Listening Attention is our innate ability to observe the world and ourselves without identification. Separate from the world of the mind and action, it points the way home. ISBN: 9780979963063.

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